2. alwayskeke:

    Acura Integurl extended version

    Description: Today, I decided 2 release the full version of Acura Integurl. I produced it in September 2010 for Frank Ocean in Malibu, Ca. The version that was originally released was actually a rough vocal scratch that was simply intended for him to listen and finish writing. Due to the popularity of the song, I decided it was about time 2 let the fans hear what the original vision for that song was and make it available for download. So, feel free to do so… Share it, tweet it, talk about it. Ultimately, enjoy it. Thanks for the continued love and support

    -Dre Knight


    Yes lawd


  3. sabrinamariecurry:

    Frank Ocean Channel Orange // Minimalist Poster Concept

    By: Sabrina Marie Curry


  4. I just wanna give Frank a big ol hug and tell him how beautiful he is(:
    Then take  a bunch of selfies lol


  5. Anonymous asked: You are very beautiful never forget that :)

    But you are too(:
    Never forget that


  6. shakir911:

    one of many reasons why I really love frank is——->he pours his heart into his music, you can see his passion, he is not afraid to let his emotions get involved<3

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  7. I wonder

    I wonder if I ever caught someones attention. Even if I was just walking among the crowd, I wonder if they wanted to get to know me or anything like that.

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  8. #Random


  9. Outfit#1


  10. "By Your Side" (Sade cover) “Summer Remains” “Thinkin Bout You” “Novacane” “Sweet Life” “Forrest Gump” “Super Rich Kids” “Strawberry Swing” “Made in America” “American Wedding” “Voodoo” “White” (instrumental) “Crack Rock” “Swim Good” “Lost” “Bad Religion” “Pyramids” “I Miss You” (Beyoncé cover


  11. It’s alright we can roll in the clouds…
    getting high we can float in the clouds
    You keep thundering, I’m wondering why you keep thundering, won’t you just rain
    And get it over with(:
    Get high and float again in the clouds…
    It’s alright we can roll in the clouds



  13. I’d choose Frank over any man…hands down


  14. conversemusic:

    "Hero" by Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo.

    Converse Three Artists. One Song

    Additional vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

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  15. shakir911:

    sexy muthafukka<3

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