2. our daughters & our sons are just candles in the sun




  5. Lost in the jungle underneath these clouds


  6. Baby girl…Tell me how ya nature feels…
    And its all good and its all free And its all you and its only me


  7. a love so pure…


  8. I wanna write a novel about twins, some type of nature versus nurture tale.. I’ve said that to a neighbor before. It’s an open ended idea.

    loved you b4 I even knew I could love you

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  12. His imperfections were merely abrasions of the surface


  13. I just need to kiss someone.


    And I don’t need it to be rough. I want it to be slow and sensual and soft.

    I’m gonna go now.

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  14. Love me some frank ocean with his effortless sexy chocolate self(:


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    Profile 😍😍😍😍

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